Take care of your heart health using data from Garmin® devices

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Why Rithmi is the heart monitor you need

  • Check the health of your heart from anywhere and whenever you want

  • Detects possible arrhythmias in real time

  • Application certified as medical software

  • Take a step forward in the prevention of stroke thanks to Rithmi

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Don’t you have a Garmin® watch?

Now, you can have a 5% discount on the purchase of one of the Garmin® devices compatible with our application, and we also give you a 1-year subscription to the Rithmi arrhythmia detection service.

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Atrial fibrillation is a heart disease that affects more than 650,000 people in Spain and is responsible for around 35% of strokes
Stroke is a disease that affects 130,000 people in Spain, of which 60% die or are affected by a serious disability
Controlling the heart and the risk factors that cause it are the key for preventing stroke and reducing the consequences of suffering it

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Garmin® wearables were not designed or intended to be used for medical purposes, to monitor or diagnose diseases or conditions, these metrics can provide useful information and trends. Garmin® device data is only part of the data evaluated by Rithmi.