Control your arrhythmia from your mobile phone

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Why you should monitor your heart rate regularly

Stroke risk

Atrial fibrillation is a risk factor that multiplies by 5 the possibility of suffering a stroke

Medical control

Atrial fibrillation is not always present, it comes and goes, and in many cases, there are no warning symptoms at all


The risk of arrhythmia increases with age. From the age of 55 onwards, it is estimated that 1 in 6 people will suffer an episode of atrial fibrillation

Stroke Prevention

Early detection of this arrhythmia allows the user to see a doctor as soon as possible and start the most appropriate treatment

What is Rithmi FlashCheck?

Rithmi FlashCheck is the mobile application that helps to control your heart rate using the camera and the flash of your mobile phone. Thanks to this technology you can detect possible arrhythmias in order to avoid possible cases of stroke. In a simple and convenient way you can monitor the health of your heart without using external devices, only having your mobile phone.

Rithmi flashCheck para el control y detección de arritmias
Rithmi Flash check, un monitor cardíaco utilizando únicamente tu teléfono móvil.

Download the Rithmi application here:

google Play

How does Rithmi FlashCheck work?

Rithmi FlashCheck is a convenient and simple way to monitor your heart rate and detect a possible arrhythmia. In a few simple steps and, using only your mobile phone, you can instantly start taking care of your heart health.

  • Download and install the app on your mobile phone and register as a Rithmi user. This will only take a few minutes.

  • Once the application has started, click on the “perform a test” section, the flash light will automatically turn on and you will have to place your index finger on the rear camera of your phone.

  • Once the test has started, you will have to wait 30 seconds for the test to start, knowing at the moment the test result

  • All the tests you take will be stored and you will be able to access them whenever you want to review them and generate a report with the results.

Advantages of using Rithmi FlashCheck

Control your heart wherever and whenever you want

Detects a possible arrhythmia in real time and prevents complications

All you need is a mobile phone to start taking care of your heart

Who is the Rithmi app for?

Rithmi is intended for people who have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and want to be able to know when the arrhythmia appears.

For healthy people who do not have any pathology or are not considered at risk and want to be able to control their heart in a preventive way and to be able to anticipate before any complication.

For people who are considered at risk and, due to their characteristics, have a higher probability of suffering an arrhythmia of this type:

  • Over 65 years old

  • People with high blood pressure

  • Hyperthyroidism

  • Having had a heart attack

  • Coronary artery disease

  • Abnormal heart valves

  • Birth (congenital) heart defects

  • Use of stimulants, caffeine, tobacco, or alcohol

  • Sick Sinus Syndrome

  • Pulmonary diseases

  • Previous cardiac surgery

  • Viral infections

  • Stress from surgery or other illnesses

  • Sleep Apnea